【currently recruiting participants】 Experience Niigata’s Heavy Snow – “Snowbound Life” Trip

 The Niigata Prefecture is notable for its heavy snowfall — its countryside is covered in snow for almost half of the year. Knowledge for building dwellings to withstand the weight of accumulated snow, food preservation dating back to Japanese prehistory, and otherwise living in a harsh environment have created a culture that is tied to living with snow. This one-day bus tour will take you to Joetsu, an area with some of the greatest snowfall in Niigata, to experience snowbound living. Experience snowshoe hiking, winter home cooking, and songs performed by goze artists around the irori sunken hearth.

Dates:      February 6 Saturday, 2021       February 7 Sunday, 2021


Itinerary : Niigata Station South Exit or Nagaoka Station

     → Oshima Shoya House no Ie

     → Niigata Station South Exit  or  Nagaoka Station     

For an application : Nippon Travel Agency, Niigata Branch

                                       TEL:025-248-1000 FAX:025-248-6167


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